D-Blaze® fire retardant treatment is available for interior applications where fire retardant construction materials are specified or required by building codes. For easier job site identification, an orange dye is added to differentiate the fire retardant treated wood from untreated wood.

D-Blaze® treated lumber and plywood is highly effective in controlling the spread of flame and smoke development caused by fire and is UL® Classified with an FR-S rating.

  • UL® Classified with FR-S Rating
  • Code Compliant under ICC-ESR 2645
  • Compliant with 2009 IBC and 2009 IRC
  • Very Low Smoke Rating
  • Low-Corrosivity
  • Low-hygroscopicity
  • No VOC’s or Formaldehyde
  • Workable with common wood working tools
  • 50-Year Limited Warranty

D-Blaze® Treated Products are:

  • Compliant with major building codes (2009 IBC/IRC).
  • Tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL).
  • Quality Control assured by third-party inspection agencies such as TP, SPIB and UL.
  • City of Los Angeles approval RR 24502.
  • UL® Classified as Class A (Class 1) FRTW with an FR-S Rating.
  • Compliant with 2009 model building codes under ICC ESR-2645.
  • For the species listed in Table 5, D-Blaze FRTW exhibits a flame spread and smoke developed index of 25 or less under ASTM E 84 flame tunnel testing of a 30-minute duration without evidence of significant progressive combustion. D-Blaze has one of the lowest smoke ratings in the industry.
  • Tested for hygroscopicity in accordance with ASTM D 3201, resulting in classification as an interior Type A (HT) fire-retardant wood as defined in AWPA Standards P50, U1, UCFA.
  • Protected by a 50-Year Limited Warranty. Visit www.TreatedWood.com for warranty details.

Common Applications

  • Roof and floor trusses
  • Roof decks and sheathing
  • Interior load-bearing walls
  • Exterior load-bearing walls, protected by a weather barrier
  • Subflooring and Paneling
  • Studs and Joists
  • Beams and purlins
  • Blocking and furring

Structural Properties

D-Blaze® FRT wood has been tested by independent laboratories following industry standards ASTM D 5516 & ASTM D 5664 to develop strength reduction factors for various use conditions, including roof temperatures of up to 150° F for lumber and 170° F for plywood. Consult ICC ESR-2645 for D-Blaze Lumber and Plywood Strength Design Adjustment Factors.

Testing and Approvals

D-Blaze® FRT wood meets or exceeds the guidelines for testing construction materials as set forth and/or established by the following authorities and specifications:

How to Specify D-Blaze® FRT Lumber and Plywood

To ensure structural integrity in roof areas of high temperature and humidity, D-Blaze® span and strength design adjustment factors have been determined by independent third parties in accordance with ASTM D 5516 for plywood and ASTM D 5664 for lumber. Extended specifications can be found at www.TreatedWood.com and at www.ARCAT.com.

roof support

All D-Blaze® FRT lumber and plywood:

  • shall be pressure-treated with D-Blaze® fire retardant to meet Underwriters Laboratories FR-S rating or a flame spread and smoke index rating denoting a surface-burning characteristic rating of 25 or less for flame spread and smoke developed.
  • shall bear the Underwriters Laboratories label or stamp attesting to the FR-S rating or flame spread and smoke index rating, or the ICC ESR-2645 Building Code Approval, and to the fact that it also meets the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) P50, U1, UCFA for interior Type A (HT) use.
  • shall be kiln-dried to a maximum moisture content of 19% for lumber and 15% for plywood.
  • shall be kept dry at all times during transit, job site storage and construction.

All structural design calculations shall be based on the D-Blaze® Strength Design Factor Tables as published in ICC ESR-2645.

Safety & Handling

D-Blaze® pressure-treated products do not contain any EPA-listed hazardous chemicals and are easy to work with, requiring no special precautions other than routine wood working safety procedures. When working with or machining D-Blaze® pressure-treated wood, the following safety precautions should be followed:

  • Wear gloves to protect against splinters.
  • Wear a dust mask when machining any wood to reduce the inhalation of wood dusts.
  • Wear appropriate eye protection to reduce the potential for eye injury from wood particles and flying debris during machining.

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