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Heat Treating


Fontana Wholesale Lumber has the capability to heat treat and certify pallets; pallet components and dunnage for export. Our heat treat process exceeds all current standards and regulations set by Timber Products Inspection, an approved agency of the American Lumber Standards Committee.

Our state of the art kiln chamber systems assure you the highest quality of Treating Service Only heat treated pallets and lumber available, International Standard of Phytosanitary Management (ISPM 15) compliant.

It is imperative that the appropriate mark be used as specified by the type of product and its application. Identify individual pieces to insure they have been treated by looking for the HT stamp

Listed below are the various marks used for identifying products being heat-treated to requirements of ISPM 15

HT Stamp
ht stampUses: Identifies individual pieces of lumber or lumber components as being heat-treated. Application: Mark must be applied legibly a minimum of one time per individual piece. 100% of the merchantable unit should be marked. ( A special provision is made for small pieces).Typical Users: Lumber manufactures, lumber re-manufactures.
IPPC Stamp      
Uses: Identifies assembled wood packaging material (pallets, boxes, crates, etc.) as being heat-treated and in compliance with ISPM 15. Applications: Mark must be applied legibly a minimum of two times on opposite faces.Typical users: Wood packaging manufactures.
IPPC Dunnage Stamp
Uses: Identifies wood dunnage (blocking bracing compliance with ISPM 15, Chocking, etc..) as being heat-treated and in compliance. Application: mark must be applied legibly for material being supplied to another facility. Material used in internal loading applications only require one legible mark per piece. Typical Users: Wood packaging manufactures, shippers, freight consolidators.